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what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension

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Post Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:09 pm

what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension

Want to know what people choose for there suspension I have a hilux with leaf springs and want a comfortable ride as mine is very bouncey and atm I have pedders heavy duty 2in lift and want to go softer
Should I just replace the leaf springs or both shocker and leaf spring and want then to handle the weight of a v8 and bulbar and winch
Just need feed back aswell what people using


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Post Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:38 pm

Re: what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension

OME works well , Have friends running ome setup . good ride . flexes well etc


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Post Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:21 pm

Re: what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension


HAD nothing but issues with OME
Brilliant gear but the leaf spring setup is woeful

I've had 3 front leafs fail in under 2 years
all left or right

what happens is you get really good flex
this then bends the main leaf and it snaps

ive had 3 do this

ULTIMATE run thicker leafs and one less per pack
they also have the second leaf "wrap" the main leaf assisting its load soo it doesnt go past its breaking zone and does what the OME has done to me 3times.
ride is the same as OME IS 6mm leafs
ULTIMATE run 7mm leafs

great gear
ill never buy OME leaf springs ever again


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Post Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:44 pm

Re: what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension

I fitted OME dakkar springs thinking they would be good, terrible ride, springs sagged within weeks, terrible after sales service, damage done to car by their shop etc.
Had both front and rear springs replaced as previous spring would sag, ie drop 50mm and that was with city driving, one set had such bad leaf alignment that the leaf fouled both the front spring hanger, and the rear shackle, it was U shaped along its flat, and they fitted it knowing it fouled both ends of where it attached, unreal, I pointed this out to them before I left the shop as I had a quick check to make sure it was ok after my previous problems of prop shafts misaligned, steering track rod fouling springs and ubolts etc.

Replaced them with EFS thx 12/13 comfort in the front, and constant 300kg in the back, transformed the car, great control, supple ride, no sag, been in the lux now for at least 8 or so years now, no sag, still enjoy driving it, they have a 3 yr warranty, but never had to use it, I used to sell and reccomend ome stuff years ago, but not any more.

Go EFS, and thank me later.

Edited to add
Get the shocks/ shackles/ whatever else you need at the same time, ie get a kit to do the lot, seems better value for money, altho a large outlay to begin with.
Save the Whales......Collect the whole set.

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Post Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:22 pm

Re: what is better terrintamer vs pedders vs ome suspension

Yup leaf sprinf issue with OME is really bad looking at the complete setup. :shock:

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