Post Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:03 pm

Malaysian Daihatsu Rocky with full LN106 drive train.

Guys quick question before I make a hasty purchase decision. I'm running a LN106 full Hilux drive train on my rig and I'm considering of running 37 inch trepadors. Im a recreational off roader and I'm wondering if it's ok to Change the front Birfields 27 spline only to Nitro Gear chromoly or its a must to swap to the full chromoly Birfields 27 spline and halfshaft if I plan to run a front Detroit Locker?

Also is it OK to run 4.8 diffs or should I go to 5.2s nitro gear ring and pinions if I plan to run 37s?

Current setup now is a 3L turbo with 4.5 factory ring and pinions with standard half shafts, front factory lsd and rear lock rite running on 35s. Seek your kind advice.

Malaysian offroad trails consists lots of deep rutted trails caused / destroyed by high reving 2JZ powered rigs on Volvo axles and 35 XTs. Mud pools. And the occasional boulder strewn trails.
My RIG sucks big time.