Post Tue May 16, 2017 7:45 pm

GQ Comp Truck

Just purchased an 89 GQ wagon TB42 carb.
Have plans on racing Outback Challenge and Ironman 4x4 adventure challenge.
Can't decide whether to start in Production class (in order to get out there racing sooner) or Challenge class and build up to a competitive truck over a season or 2.

Are you allowed the following mods in Production class?

1. EFI on my carby motor
2. GU diffs in GQ
3. Extra cab cut

It's going in for a RWC & rego first.
Are people getting away with normal reg and no engineers Cert for there comp trucks in vic,
i.e. Will I need to get engineers report done on cab chop and 35/37's in order to race?
Trying not to double up on things